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When driving in the buggy,everything is all kind okay,but then some random rock spawns in.
Im not sure if it takes forever to load the stones or whatever but it is really annoying when driving around and then occasionally a rock spawns in.
Other than that,when exiting the buggy,the sound of the buggy (explorer) speeding up is playing,even when im out of the buggy. Very annoying.
Thanks for your help!
Playing in Singeplayer.

To addition what i said,i'd like to add another thing.
When im in my explorer and fall down an edge or in general just fall a distance i would get falldamage and im inside of the explorer,its me getting the dmg and not the vehicle itself,which kinda sucks.
That would require some option of repairing the car too,but i think you get what i mean.
Great Game so far,im f*cking loving it! :D

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Make sure your graphics settings are turned up higher. On maximum graphics settings I can easily see all rocks a very long ways in the distance before I ever even get remotely close to them while driving.
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I had it on Ultra and they still seem to be popping up infront of my face,everything on high and look distance on Ultra,still happening. Might it be that im playing in that "jungle" map? The one with the unbelievable masses of Biomass,maybe thats why it takes so long to load?
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That's nothing with graphics settings. I have all settings at "Ultra" (except motion blur) and the game is installed on a NVMe SSD and there are some objects that appear/disappear at a very short distance.

Example: https://i.imgur.com/wc6D1mu.mp4
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This is exactly what i meant,but mostly for stones and smaller rocks
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This is because the game uses Unreal Engine 4, which uses "Streaming" for objects and textures. It doesn't "Stream in" until you get close to it. It's up to the developer of the game to tune "How close you have to be for objects to stream in". In this game they usually have it set so most objects stream in far enough away to see them before hitting them. But it seems that for some rocks and objects they need to adjust the stream-in distance to be a little further away. This is a delicate balance of visuals vs performance because if they make objects stream in too far away then it will cause too much stuff on the screen at once and slow down people's video cards and computers. But if they have too little.. we smash into things driving. Hopefully they can adjust this so it's better.
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