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Recently updated to the current live version of EA, #106504. Upon going to expand my coal generator building, I notice that I am no longer able to build new generators and or reinstate foundations as I think the hitbox for the coal generator has been increased vertically by 1 or 2m from what it was before.

This seems to make sense as the orignal hitbox allowed for the construction of foundations right on the tip of the chimney, however, the coal generator is already a very tall building if you include the chimney and building them on multiple levels make for a really tall building.

Going forwards, will this be maintained in future builds, or will the hit box be returned to the original height, perhaps the mesh for the coal generator chimney could be shortened slgithly to prevent it from going through the foundation. Another question asked by a fellow user is whether the hitbox should only apply vertically for the chimney to allow for builds where the chimney that protrudes through the roof of a building.

The annoyance to my game save is an issue for me to deal with in an early access game, so whichever way it goes is fine, just wanted to confirm if this observation is true and whether any change is planned.
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