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Since the update to 106504 Early Access, when starting the game, epic launcher always asks me wether I want to upload the data to the cloud or download it from the cloud. But regardles of what I choose on the next startup I get asked again.


The first few times that happened it said that I don't have any local data to upload so I downloaded the newer files from the server.
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Same issue here. And the two files the game compares (the local one and the cloud one) is twice the same file.
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I have not played the game since the release of the vid warning of the save changes. Wont, until I stop seeing these reports. I have 4 different sessions with multiple save files for each.
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Same. I haven't checked if it's exactly the same file, but the date/time of the saves are exactly the same, every time I load.
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In my opinion the cloud save was a bad idea because now hardly anybody can play without the risk of your data getting wiped they have to remove the cloud save or else nobody can play
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I have had this issue as well, for me i noticed when loading the cloud save i become player2, then even if i save locally the cloud save, then load it back i become player 1 again. has anyone else had this issue when loading the cloud save?
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