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First let me note that I had absolutely NO idea that caterium, sulfur, and quartz were ores I had to MAM research, as the game appeared to be directing me to find ores as needed I opted to not harvest the caterium or sulfur I'd been finding since inventory space is too limited to pick up ores I thought I didn't need yet.

Then I looked up the lizard doggo on the wiki, and happened to wander to a page telling me that I had to research caterium in the MAM to unlock its uses.....

I spent one or two hours trying to find Caterium and Sulfur deposits so that I could research them and find their nodes. I didn't even know Quartz existed until I unlocked trains and decided it was time to visit the wiki and see why I had a UI function slot empty in the bottom-right of my screen.

It took me 4 hours to find Quartz. After finding a SAM node AND a SAM deposit on opposite ends of the map, I got so frustrated with my search for quartz that ultimately I ended up looking up directions online.

I would describe searching for these three ores as being very needle-in-a-haystack-like, there's far too much ground to cover to find these ores unless you get lucky, and unless you visit the wiki you currently have little to no indication that they even exist unless you stumble on the ores, then you have no way of knowing they need to be put into the MAM.

Here's my suggestion: The developers need to decide an appropriate tier where the player should have access to these ores by the end of that tier's primary milestones. If the player completes most of those primary milestones and hasn't researched those ores yet, ADA should announce the detection of those ores in the player's map-area, and enable the player to use an object scanner to find deposits of that ore (but not nodes).

The object scanner would still make finding those ore deposits suitably challenging in my opinion, but it probably won't take the player an hour to find their first deposit of the three (or perhaps more later on) researched ores.
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I think the root of the problem is simply that the "base" research isn't listed on the MAM until you have some of the relevant material in your inventory.  This has been mentioned before, but it's never been changed.

I believe the devs simply expected everyone to pick up everything they found and then go look at the MAM...
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There are outcroppings for all of those ores scattered around the map. I think the hope was the thrill of accidental discovery. Also, the game has a pretty good interactive community, and having hidden "easter egg" like techs helps to promote that. I stumbled upon cate pretty early, and read release notes for patches that nudged me toward sulfur and quartz. Reading past release notes may be of some help, and current and future release notes may be almost imperative.
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My suggestion is based on the perspective of someone who wants the joy of discovering things on their own, but this part was particularly frustrating. Also, I'm aware there are outcroppings (I'm pretty sure I would have noticed every ore has its own outcroppings by the time I'd started using trains, also I call them deposits to differ from nodes) but as I mentioned above it took me over 4 hours to find any quartz, in either deposit or node form (ultimately what I found were the pure nodes...)

As I mentioned above, the amount of outcroppings/deposits available for these ores makes for a needle in a haystack situation, I won't bother reiterating on that.

Lastly, there's no way to justify "reading all the release notes is imperative" as good game design. Keep in mind this is feedback aimed at pointing the developers to something that needs to be changed. I intentionally went in as blind as possible for as long as possible so that I could provide feedback on what frustrated me the most (and so that I could be pleasantly surprised by things such as the space elevator's animation.), and this was by far the most frustrating, almost infuriating, thing in the game. Any other complaints I have are completely insignificant compared to these "research ores", I can't stress enough how badly this needs to be addressed.
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