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For example: "Project Assembly requires 10,000,000 Super Computers to coordinate construction logistics."

To limit cheating from players that use mods, each player would only be able to contribute a set amount of materials per day.


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I suggested something similar to this ages ago with running material contracts. That space elevator feels like it needs to be providing something else to do with its self considering the scale of the thing. I would love to see optional challenges like that in any format it'd be given to me. After a while it still feels like the accumulation of stuff for the stake of accumulating it becomes a bit hollow after a long period

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Rewarding players with game content who can participate, and limiting access to it for players who can't play and participate in The community missions is not the way devs will do.

DEVS have clearly stated that all players will be having access to the game content.
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If CS were to provide rewards for completing the mission, all players could receive the reward, even if they haven't participated. :)
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What would be the point of that then?
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To give people a feeling of contributing to a larger goal. :)
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If there is no difference if people contributing or not and still getting the reward , then it is really pointless and stupid idea.
I say this again, devs made it clear that they will not limit in any way access to game content witch will be locked behind community mission. That will just split players on the one who can participate and get rewards and the other who can't and will get nothing
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No Man's Sky did this, that's what gave me the idea. They released a cosmetic armor mod. :)
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