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Snapping is really frustrating and needs a lot of work. If just this one thing is fixed, building factories will be an amazing, fluid experience.

When you click to start or end a conveyor belt, it is way too hard to get it to snap to the right object when there are multiple options close to each other. Even conveyor poles often select the wrong side (the side facing away from you). Currently this problem is constant and significantly slows down factory construction.

I have seen several Twitch streamers struggling with this problem for hours on end, so I don't think it's just me.

Here's a suggestion for how to improve it:

 - draw all candidate snap points (everything close to the centre of the screen) as white dots, so the player can immediately tell where the one they want is located.

 - always default to the most common case for poles and splitters; select the unoccupied snap point closest to you

 - hide or grey out dots on the far side of a pole or splitter; if you really do need to connect to the far side then hover the object use the mouse wheel to switch which connection is used
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I know right, who thought, hey, let's make the green output color the exact same as the green lineup color..
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