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I'm building a long rail track right now off the ground.  Having to build a chain of foundations seems pretty annoying and tedious.  Would be nice to just extend rail track and have a pillar snap on ( a pillar that extends from end point to ground and costs some amount of concrete ). Just like a conveyor belt pillar is already in game.

Is this available already or am I missing something
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I don't see how our ability to build railways over abyss should be affected. This is suggestion to add support pillars when building railways off the ground, not to remove the ability to build them on the ground, including natural or artificial.
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The developers have already stated that everything being allowed to "Float in the air", foundations, rail ways, everything, is by design and that's an intended function. Just so you're aware. It's not "magical floating stuff", it's programmed to work like that. Which by the way you are actually supposed to remove conveyor supports after you install conveyor belts. Those are only intended to be temporary.
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I am curious how it is lampshaded. Are the buildings interdimensionally anchored or something?
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Buildings are anchored to global coordinate system. The only technical purpose of support columns or poles is to define point in space where some other building such as rail, belt, or machine will be placed. When the thing is built, it's up to the player if he wants to remove the support or leave it in place. The idea is not forcing players to play the game either way in this regard.
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That’s exactly it, the game requires anchors to lock tracks to, same with conveyor belt.  You will notice that this optimization exists already for placing cables(power pole auto creates). Besides, the game has clearly established it cares about gravity... for the player, for vehicles, monsters, etc.  A nice looking pillar takes care of that, quickly and aesthetically.
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