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So I know Satisfactory is currently only in Epic Games, and even though I don't like that, there should at least be a way to gift the game through a third-party service, i.e HumbleBundle, considering Epic Games doesn't even support gifting, which seems kind of stupid considering they have had an increasing player-base, so not having a gift game ability seems a bit off.

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Exclusivity means that no one other than Epic can sell the game until the contract expires (Mar 2020) Maybe, one day, soon, Epic will become a real store service, and make gifting possible, among a load of other client niceties. We'll see.
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I understand that, which is why I am suggesting having it on HumbleBundle, I assume this wouldn't count...? - I mean, it's still an Epic Games exclusive, just having the keys being purchased elsewhere. Or would this void the ""exclusivity contract"?
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Exclusive means they can not have it on -ANY- other platform what so ever until the deal is up. No humble bundle. No steam. No GOG. No Uplay. -NOTHING EXCEPT EPIC-. Which sadly means no gifting either. There's nothing anyone can do to change this.

However.. one thing you can do is send your friend the money to cover buying the game via paypal and then have them go buy it on epic games with paypal. Or withdraw the money from paypal -> Bank and then use their bank card. It's "Kind of gifting" but just not within the epic games directly.
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I see :/ - that sucks, but oh well.
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