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I've started having an issue where I "cannot create online session"... the game still loads fine, but I am in a new "body" with no items. I can even find my old body just standing out in the open where I left it?

It also happens if I try and start a new game.

I've verified the install, and tried deleting all the stuff in users.... no luck same issue. (I'm not running any mods)

I thought maybe it would be a server issue on your end but it has been nearly 24 hours and still nothing?

Any idea what is going on?

I am using the release ea build (not the experimental)


I seem to not be logging in.. a guy on reddit told me there is a small hard to read text ion the bottom, it reads "not logged in". 

I am connected to the internet (that is how I can post this!) and I have the Epic Launcher loaded and logged in. I have tried closing it and loading it and then running the game as soon as the spic launcher is loaded.

https://imgur.com/a/gupoezw (sceenshot)


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Found a fix....

I went into my firewall software (in my case bitDefender) and made a exception to allow traffic for all the EXEs in the game dir. 



I am pretty sure these are the two you need to make an exception for.... but I also did these ones as well.. I am not certain they have to be done.




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Another solution is to completely uninstall software firewall(s) entirely. If you're on the internet behind a router you're already protected. Routers have firewalls built in by design. That's how they're able to share the connection between multiple computers.
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You need to be online when starting the game.
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Yes.. obviously I am connected to the internet and have the epic launcher open and logged in before I launch the game.
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