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Game level.

I think the game is very top, but for me it could have a kind of level. For example:

Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme. It is not easy to continue the game 01-01-2019 today, and in the extreme to put for example, the cost of things to be five times more than today.

Steelmaking: Cost 5 bars and 8 wires, could in the extreme 25 bars and 40 wires. Something like this to make the game more dynamic and more difficult, I've been playing for over 4 months and it's already very easy, I try to make it harder to build because I don't have to do it anymore.

Nivel de Jogo.

Eu acho o jogo muito top, mas pra mim poderia ter um tipo de nivel. Por exemplo:

Facil, Normal, Dificil e Extremo.   No facil continuar como esta hoje o jogo 01-01-2019, e no extremo colocar por exemplo, o custo das coisa ser cinco vezes mais do que esta hoje.

aciaria: custo  5 barras e 8 fios,  poderia no extremo  25 barras e 40 fios.  Algo assim para fazer o jogo ficar mais dinamico e mais dificil, Eu jogo há mais de 4 meses e já esta muito fácil, eu tento fazer construçoes mais dificeis por que não tem o que fazer mais.

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You might want to check out the mod page at https://ficsit.app/

It has available mods that greatly increase the cost of manufacturing.. Be warned that it has a very slow start to the game right now though.  It costs 500 concrete for a foundation and for a foundry its 800 frames, 600 concrete, 3000 wire, and 400 cable.  It also costs 20 cable per unit for running wiring between machines.  Overall you get a much greater sense of satisfaction every time you add a machine.  I highly suggest creating several manual miners to place on each type of node to harvest base minerals faster. There will be a lot of manual crafting in the early stages and in technology upgrades.  Automated crafting was just convenient in normal mode but this makes it impossible to progress in tech without thousands of hours at the crafting bench if you dont automate production.

Now I just wish the exploration was fleshed out a bit more for a hard mode.  Maybe we will get lucky and get a mod for that.

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