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So, the new experimental update is nice and all with the train fixes and cloud saves, however, I'm not sure if it would happen to you but I turnt off the cloud saves for a bit, and once anything I placed or destroyed would have a visibility issue, for example; If a block were to be affected by it, only their moving parts and the conveyor ports would be visible, not too big of a problem, but the problem with that is if I place a conveyor pole it would be completely invisible, the second problem is when I go to destroy said items, their model would stay there, however, their collision box wouldn't.

I tried all the blocks I'm able to access (I'm only up to tier 6) and made a list of blocks not affected by the invisibility glitch, however, every single block is affected by the deconstruct glitch I talked about.

Unaffected Blocks; Oil pump, miner mk1, biomass burner (ironically enough), jump/landing pads and the lookout tower.

Heres two pics showing what the two glitches would look like.
oil refinery invisibility: http://prntscr.com/pbh7ug

oil refinery missing collision box: http://prntscr.com/pbh8it

PS; The workaround I've found is just turning on cloud saves again but it's still an issue since some people are against cloud saves for whatever reason.
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