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A Train platform type structure that lifts up the train(so you have to have as many as the length of your train) so that if you come across a cliff or steep hill while setting up a train rail you don't have to go out of your way to find a natural slope or spend tonnes of time and concrete building a ramp that's ugly AF. So in my opinion it would come in Marks and each mark would be faster and be able to lift the train a greater height before needing to be switched to a second "train lift station"(what I would call them) so going through the marks.


  • Uses large, slow, and heavy hydraulics that would require crude oil as the hydraulic fluid
  • since hydraulics are really heavy the MK1s lift height would be the lowest maybe 30-40 meters
  • Uses a pulley system like how elevators in most buildings work, would require Steel cable since the in-game cable being made of copper wire wouldn't be strong enough, so steel cable would need to be added
  • Since Mk2s aren't using such a heavy means of lifting their max height will be around 100 meters
  • The way the lifting would work would be that it would use a concrete counterweight so the higher your lift the more concrete you need for a larger counterweight, also since gravity is doing the heavy lifting(Pun very much intended) Mk2 will use less power than the other Train Lift stations
  • Would use a electric motor that would climb up vertical rails meaning it would be relatively cheaper for higher heights than other Train Lift Stations cause the actual lifting mechanism is apart of the platform rather than lifting one
  • Would use the most power of all the marks
  • Because you aren't dealing with heavy hydraulics or the need for a counter weight the Mk3 can go as high as you need it to
  • could be set with variable speeds with higher speeds using more power
To set up a train lift station it would act like a regular train station in that you would need to set it as stop on your trains route. Admittedly these would be a convenience and/or quality of life thing, but still not only would they look awesome but they make sense

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I like the idea in principle, however, lifting a train in its entirety goes rather against the grain.
I'd rather see something like a container lift that is either attached to the input/output ports on the normal freight station, or acts itself as a freight station.  The whole thing would then transport the freight container either up or down depending on the selected direction.  Once the "full" container has been taken to the other side *and emptied* then it would be returned to the initial side ready to be filled again.
The container lift station would be placed just like the existing freight station, but would have no external inputs or outputs.
I don't really see the need for Mk.1/2/3 etc. variants.
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Wouldnt it be much simpler to just place a station at the top, and a station at the bottom, and conveyor lifts to pass materials? I mean, that was the solution I used.
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Simpler perhaps, yes. But not cooler :-)
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Not worth the time needed in their point of view to add the new building with new animations when there is already a reasonable solution.  While the idea is kind of cool, it is not worth the expense.
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