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Kind of a wacky suggestion, but I think it would be cool to have a crane as a new type of vehicle.

Using the crane would be unique from other types of vehicles since it would allow you to actually build while driving the crane.

  • The crane would have two modes: transport and construction.
  • In transport mode you can drive around like normal. The crane's speed would be a little slower than the truck's.
  • In construction mode, you deploy the boom and are no longer able to drive around.
  • When deployed, the camera would zoom way out to give you a large overview of the area to allow for more accurate building placement.
  • You would be given a discount on the materials required to construct any given building. So, for example, instead of a foundation costing 6 concrete, it might cost 4.
  • The materials for buildings would be taken from the crane's built-in storage container as well as the driver's personal inventory. (The crane's storage would have the higher priority.)
  • The crane would be unlocked at later tiers, like 6 or 7.
I think, as wacky as this sounds, would be a fun new way to make large/tall factories in addition to making construction cheaper and more efficient.
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Hmmmm, perhaps this crane could be used to make, and then recreate blueprints? Like if you have a repeating pattern of machines that were difficult or tedious to belt up, you could make a blueprint of the whole machine, belts and all, and then just paste it where you need it.
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oh now we are talking! I like the idea of blueprints.  

You can make your factory modular so that it is much easier to build/expand.  There are plenty of basic modular designs for resource harvesting, which use miner, smelter, and constructor, that get annoying to build on every node.

If you use towers then you can design the floors to be identical and just copy paste additional floors.

Love the idea!
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Thank you, I thought of it when building my 4 floor (soon to be 6) fuel generator plant. The belt work is kinda fancy, and I’m working under tight tolerances to reduce its size, but I’m already tired of building it and I haven’t finished the 3rd floor.
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Yes, blueprints would be useful, with or without a new vehicle (i'd prefer without :) )
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the idea is defintly more interisting than what i am about to say but what about a large drone it would allow you to move freefly around and build to the side of your factory and what not
(afcorse the drone cannot enter recepies or cant even place belts down and cant go to fra from your charcter without losing concetion maybe in conjunction with the radar tower

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Loved the idea, maybe they can use it as a requirement to unlock a feature like bulk construction.
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