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When falling down a cliff, the players crate is at the bottom of the cliff and therefore unreachable without daying again.
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walkway ramps  ;)
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I thought that the crates were suppose to spawn courtesy style on the edge this may be a bug or you may have hit some rocks before the void if that's the case then foundation your way there. However I think that death crates/ overstock crates along with vehicles should be able to be deconstructed using the map. This would eliminate the bugs related to missing bottom of the void vehicles and crates the end up in weird spots. this however is outside the scope of your comment.

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You have infinite resources in-game. Bring a truck out there with 48 stacks of concrete and build ramps and foundations to get down safely. There's ways to do it if you use your mind. Also.. don't die near cliffs next time and that won't happen.
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