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I play on Dvorak, so trying to pet a doggo results in a staring contest or me strafing around it in circles. To fix these kinds of problems, an easy way is to playtest on a different keyboard layout, and you automatically find all loose buttons.

Further testing calls this into question: rebinding interact to E, anh walk right as something else, still did not allow me to pet the doggo. Perhaps I am just incapable of petting animals. This is probably the most depressing bug I've seen.

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Make sure you actually feed the lizard doggo. I thought I had the same issue (I play on ESDF rather than WASD), but the real issue is just that the prompt text comes up whenever you are near the doggo. In my case there was a doggo that was glitched against the terrain and couldn't run away from me, so I was able to approach it and see the prompt. It wasn't until I went on the subreddit and found that you have to walk (sprint scares it away), hold berries to lure the doggo, and drop a berry to feed it, that you can pet it.

As far as the text displaying E, that's a separate issue. The mixup comes because the the prompt text is set to say "E", and doesn't look for whatever is bound to the interact key. The same problem happens with the tutorial prompts (press "F" to enter deconstruct mode, but I have it bound to "G").
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