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So you build something say a room 3x3x3 place the device in the room.Using a menu in the device input new room size the bigger you want it the more it will cost turn it on and it makes the room the new size the outside remains the same.

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I'm not sure what the scope and scale of their plans are but they do have quantum technology in-game coming soon according to the wiki.
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Oh they sure are there are a few quantum parts out there from alpha I think and this idea is know deferent then your quantum pocket +5 to inventor upgrade.
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Quantum is going to open the game right up so many possibility's,The Quantum encoder looks great hope they don't change it much (like the nuclear power plant)I thought that this would get more interest seeing as its the same idea behind your inventory expansion oh well thank goodness for the modders and there hard work have had a much more positive experience chatting and discussing ideas about the game with them unlike this toxic place.In my humble opinion.
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