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Have you ever been in a situation far away from your main base, wishing to build something but to a stupefied bewilderment, you notice that you are missing 1 singular iron plate?
No worries, FICSIT's got you covered with the Long Range S-O-D-S (sub orbital delivery system).

An Item cannon or Railgun that can send rocket pods loaded with resources across the map landing next to the player's marker. 
The player would have menu requesting specific items from the connected cannon's inventory. Using a gps gun, the player can point and send coordonates to the cannon using a chain of radio towers.
The cannon would be fed by conveyors (or smaller cannons) and would turn to aim after the order was recieved.

It could require a high amount of fuel and/or electricity (like a capacitor) charging slowly. Could use a network of the radio towers to recieve the gps data.
Small capacity pods.
Only available at a high milestone with maybe speed,range,storage and capacity upgrades.
Low tier small cannons ---> High tier Large Railgun?

(small starting capacity and large energy intake means it's not a replacement for trains)

Possible road map?:
Can send item pods directly to certain structures or storages.
Smaller cannons feeding bigger cannons.
Can auto-send items to schematic builder bot's hub (if we get this sort of thing in the future)

Far away? Missing items? Cannon machine lobs rocket propelled items straight at your face with the might of Zeus.

I feel like this is a great idea that can solve the Great item deficiency conumdrum.
It also fits well into the technolgically huge machine world lore of the game.
Most of all, It' be really cool...

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Interesting, I didn't know that might get released.
However, it's more of an enderchest type of situation.(not sure if you can have more than 1)

What if you needed multiple stacks of different resources when you are far way.
Your answer only works if I had stocked it with the items I needed ahead of time, but you might need different items then the ones in that single box.
It doesn't really solve the problem as essentially this is just an inventory upgrade.

My suggestion saves you from a situation where you forgot or need more items in a remote location.

Thanks for the answer tho, you made me find the "unreleased content" wiki :)
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If you build 1 Remote Storage for every single item you are basically carring the whole factory with you (unless they limit the max shared slots of the inventory)
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Yeah that's what I was thinking that the problem might be..
Having instant access to all your factories outputs might be a little too overpowered.
Not sure how they might balance that, which is why I believe my solution is much cooler and balancable.
Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, I have troubble conveying my thoughts.
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Nice, Thx for the vid.
Clears out a few questions I had.
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