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When rag dolling (being shot with a rebar from multiplayer is a good example) and falling a great distance and hitting the ground, instead of impacting the game makes a "kersploosh" noise and you end up in the void beneath the map.  The only way out of this predicament is to respawn, which involves sacrificing your inventory to the void gods.

Spending too much time staring into the void also causes the game to crash (as the void also stares unto you?)

Was able to replicate this several times today.

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This sounds like the old bug we had for years with ARK: Survival Evolved (Another UE4 Based game): If we fell off our flying mounts or otherwise fell from too far up we would hit the ground and go through the bottom into the void. Maybe this is a UE4 problem in general.. hitting the ground too fast = flying through the ground. But the developers eventually patched that in ARK. So hopefully the developers for Satisfactory can fix this too.
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