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Give us more graphic options to optimize our games
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Fog gives you FPS, as it hides textures and so on...
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If your computer is so slow that having fog off is the difference in being able to play or not then perhaps you shouldn't be playing satisfactory......
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Who said anything about "being able to play"? Geez, people around must learn how to interpret a text.
At some hours of the day, in special with that purple haze at dusk in the rocky desert, my FPS drops from 90 to 80.
I'm playing with maximal distance and most setting at maximum. I'm almost sure it keeps loading textures despite you not being able to see them.
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I have an older computer now, 2013 i5-3570K and an old 2016 1080 Ti and I can easily maintain a constant 80 FPS everywhere in the game @ 1080p with all settings maxed out when exploring and driving about, fog or not. Fog has literally -ZERO- impact on FPS for me, not even -1 FPS. I like it and it looks pretty and there's no reason to not have it on. It's not even a modern / fast computer at all and it can easily handle it.

I don't understand why people are complaining about fog. If your computer is so slow that fog is impacting your FPS then why are you trying to play a modern AAA game?
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Why we, like you, we love the game =).
Seriously dude, are you on the internet trying to tell people what to do? tisk, tisk.
I have a far newer rig and fog impacts my FPS, other people around already tested and some of them report major impacts. If I'm going to get anecdotal evidence from people here I'll pick many over one.
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