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I think it could add a little more excitement to have a market or a kind of financial aspect in the game where you could be selling goods for more or less money depending on the popularity in the market or whatever. Or even being able to sell things we collect through exploration, that would increase our interest in exploring the world. It could be possible to have a machine that would sell automatically as well as I noticed most materials get obsolete later in the game.
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There's no-one else on the planet  :)

But seriously, I don't believe this would add anything to the game.
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We're property of FICSIT, meaning we're probably either true socialist or communist, not capitalist.
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Send the materials up the space elevator. This is a variation on the 'resource sink' that's been asked for several times.

I would really like to see this. It would give my factories a purpose.

Regarding selling items collected on the map; I'd like to see only manufactured products sold/traded. No raw resources, ingots, plastic, or rubber. So sell fabric, color cartridges, and some new product made from wood and probably another ingredient.
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This suggestion brought some recordations of old and good Colonization (yes: 8-bit, Sid Meier). Great game and the trade was central to gameplay. Here in Satisfactory I don1t think a trading system is right. You are left in an alien planet, alone, to work by yourself, it's a "You against nature" central theme. Also, I favor simplicity, let's stick to it and improve the details, not create more "paraphernalia".
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