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Hi all,

sorry if this was posted before - couldn't find anything.

So this thing happens regularly - yet i cant seem to reproduce it 100% of the time.

I'm a client playing with my friend who is on the same network. Our base is fairly big, around 100hrs into it. Experimental version.

Everytime I join his game, all is fine for me. Except that if i open the build menu and place something (doesnt seem to matter what i place) sometimes the items on the conveyors lock up and do not move for me. On his side all is fine.

Also this only started in the past few days, hours and hours before without any issue.

I am curious if someone already experienced this and if there is a possible fix.

I understand that this game is in early stages and in no way fully optimized for multiplayer.

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To elaborate, when you place any building anywhere, sometimes items on conveyor belts just freeze for you?
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correct. sometimes this happens, sometimes not...
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Does this occur when you are looking in the direction of the conveyor belt(s) or when you turn around (for example 180°) to the direction when conveyor belts are?

Also, do the items start to move again after some time or they stay permanently locked up in place?
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