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Is there any news on the SLI support?

I'm lucky enough to have a station with 2x 2080ti's for rendering, and of course games when no one is watching!  Even with this kind of power I can't max everything, only one card is being used which is bouncing off the 100% pretty much all the time.  Bloody good quality though.

I imagine there's some optimisation to be done, but I'd be very interested to see what a fully supported SLI code set would do.

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Have you tried manually making a new profile for Satisfactory and playing with settings with nvidia profile inspector? You may be able to get SLI to scale if you play with it a bit. If you don't already do this you need to get in the habit of doing for every single game you want to play that doesn't use your second video card. Just because nvidia hasn't released a working SLI profile for games doesn't mean you have to sit around and wait for them to do so. You can try and make one yourself.
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I don't have anything else to bugger up to be honest, the design and render software I use completely ignores any SLI settings so I'll have a play.  I didn't even know there was a profile inspector!

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SLI Is dead , Nvidia is ditching it.
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its not dead, more and more games with "SLI" (NV link) are comming out in the future
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NV link is designed for professional use, not for gaming
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If that were true then why do the release notes for the latest nvidia driver (released just a few days ago at the time of typing this) list adding multiple SLI profiles in the updates section? NV-Link isn't just for professionals, it's the new form of SLI. SLI is both fully supported and Nvidia keeps updating it even today.
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Quote from Video  : Nv Link was designed for professional GPU computer applications , and not for gaming.

And second, developers just don't wont to be bothered with more work load.

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RTX 2070, 2080, and 2080 Ti all have NV-Link. They're "Gamer" video cards. "Quadro" are the "professional" cards. If NV-Link was "Only for Professionals" then why do the "Gamer" video cards also have it? Use your own mind. Don't just parrot other people's comments.
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KSP1 supports SLI already and is based in Unity. And KSP2 will also be based on Unity but a much newer version of Unity. So most likely KSP2 will probably have SLI support as well.
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