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I built a ridiculously high radar tower in the north forest (3rd departure area) and it will only scan up to 100% (a rather small area) despite being much higher than my other towers, reaching over 140% for my biggest one. Is it a feature or a bug ? Looks like the radar tower takes the real map ground for reference instead of its real height.
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The behavior of my radar tower isn't the one described in that article. I have a tower much higher than the north-east elevated point, but placed in the north forest (low ground / high tower of foundation blocks) yet its area is ridiculously small.
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all my radio towers are placed on the highest natural landscapes and they reveal massive areas. i have never tried building one on foundations but I suspect its coded wrong and takes the elevation of the ground its on and not the elevation ontop of the foundations.

Also the towers take a good hour to reveal the full area if you mouse over it will tell you much far along the scanning is.

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Thanks for the report! I would like to take a look at your save file if possible. Sent you a PM with details.
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File sent. Would be nice to get a feedback on this situation.
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I have looked at the save you sent me and there is a bug that made it show faulty values. It should never be higher than 100%. The value is not an indicator of how high or effective the radar tower is placed but merely a progress value of how much the tower have scanned of it's possible area. It will however reveal more if placed higher but still only show 100% when maxed.

It's fixed but I'm not sure when that fix will reach EA but thanks again for reporting this.
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