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I have a recurring issue with screen resolutions in game. Although I have manually edited the GameUserSettings.ini several time, the file keeps being overwritten for the field LastUserConfirmedResolution X and Y to 1600 x 900. I can say with every degree of certainty that I have never confirmed that resolution for this, or any other game. This creates a problem anytime I need to come out of full screen to access another app on my main display. On returning to full screen, the display resets up to a dozen times, the game no longer has the detail of 1080p, and it reduces the size of all of my other maximized windows on that display.

Win10 pro 1803 build 17135.950

Radeon RX 570 @ 8GB Driver ver 19.7.1

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Try setting that file read-only so it can't be modified.
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Wouldn't that block me from making ad hoc changes to say, volume levels, etc? I thought it may be better, for the end users, to not have the game write a line to a file under LastUserConfirmedResolution that the user had NEVER confirmed as a desired resolution. Just seems more logical, in my mind.
I'll use your workaround for the time being, and hope this issue gets fixed soon.
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Setting this to 'read only' worked for a time. As of 103400, the same unwanted behavior is back. While the file is not being overwritten, all of my open apps on that display get resized upon exiting full screen, and the adapter goes thru several reset cycles.
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That's weird because "Full screen" in satsifactory is not "Exclusive Full Screen", with Satisfactory they are just doing "Windowed Borderless". It shouldn't be resetting anything to do with your display when you quit it. Do you have multiple monitors at different resolutions?
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2 displays. One a 22" AOC monitor, and a 39" Insignia TV. Both run at native 1920 x 1080. Everything is fine until satisfactory tries to force 1600 x 900 on the monitor. I even gone as far now as denying the user SYSTEM from write access to the .ini file.
I used to be able to snap in and out of full screen with no hesitation (F11) It was somewhere in the 100xxx to 101xxx versions that this changed. Not sure how to search for 'my posts' here, but I did post about it. It put restrictions on the mouse range, etc. For right now, I'm dealing with it, but I wish I didnt have to.
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