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I really need an option to select the number of slots for automatic saves. My autosave happens every 5 minutes, and 3 slots are too small. I would like to have at least 10, or even 20 autosave slots

UPD: People, where so much negativity comes from? What is wrong with this offer? I do not require 20 slots for everyone. I require the ability to select the number of slots. Thus, if you do not like autosave at all, you can set the number of slots to 0, thereby turning off autosave. If 3 is enough for you, then leave 3. And those who are not enough, for example to me, will be able to increase this amount. What's bad about it???
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You can already customize the interval between autosaves... do you really need more?
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And the only limit to manual saves is available space on your disk drives.
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Of course I need more. 3 automatic saves of 5 minutes, this is 15 minutes. If I stood AFC 15 minutes waiting. And during this time something irreparable happened. Then I can’t return to the "past" beyond 15 minutes if I don’t have manual save. It is not comfortable.
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Well, the game isn't indeed AFK proof and, as per "playability", guess this won't be addressed, considering the nature of the so called "issue".
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Another example. My friend could not connect to me. He appeared in the world and immediately in the chat there was a message about his disconnection. But his character to this day has remained standing in the same place without a nickname over his head. He has a game loading VERY long. He tried to connect 3 times and failed three times. I thought the first time something went wrong. And then he’s not mine to go by the fact that his character is already standing in the world and is preventing him from entering. But I did not have a save game until his first attempt to connect, because more than 15 minutes passed. And I still play this game alone. Start a new game?
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That issue has been reported several times, unfortunately. Multiplayer is kinda ureliable atm, however things are going to be fix asap so, in the future you might not need to worry and have such a huge autosave "safety net".
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you need to set a time thats the only way for it to save that much or you will have too save it all by your self
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