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The game lacks logical controls. In my factory, not all mechanisms work simultaneously. Many cars are sometimes idle. And fuel is consumed to the maximum. Even if so much energy is not required at a given moment.

What can be done to save fuel? Build backup generators, turn them off but supply fuel. And automatically turn them on with a special logical mechanism that you need to add to the game.

For example, my generators produce 1,000 energy, and 900 is consumed, everything is in order. But as soon as consumption rises to 950 or more, another “standby” generator starts automatically. For example, a biofuel generator. Thus, consumption increases, but the amount of energy produced also increases, and the plant continues to operate. As soon as the energy consumed falls below 950, the backup generator automatically shuts down.

Or another example. The steel pipe warehouse is 50% full. The logic mechanism monitors the warehouse, and as soon as the warehouse is 90% full, it automatically turns off the steel pipe production mechanism.

Now, of course, the machine is already automatically turned off if the treasure is full, since the conveyors are also full, which is why the internal inventory of the mechanism is full and the mechanism is turned off. But this only works if a "personal" conveyor is built from the mechanism to the warehouse. And if one conveyor picks up items from different mechanisms, and then sorts them into different warehouses, then overflow of one resuser can break sorting.

I hope it’s clear what kind of logical mechanism I'm talking about. Roughly speaking, “if” a predetermined event occurs, logically the mechanism turns on or off some other mechanism.
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So I will not be able to achieve the final goal if the general conveyor is cluttered with one resource, preventing others from sorting
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You literally have infinite resources in-game once you automate everything. Just build tons of conveyor belts.
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That not a solution and ist very Performance unfriendly.
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Unfortunately until they add your suggestion to the game, "More conveyor belts" is literally the -ONLY- solution in the game at the moment. So right now, that's what you have to do and deal with it.
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Or, you ~could build a facility to produce a later game part (such as computers), and build back in the chain to only produce what you need to support that machine. Set clock speeds to have the output of each machine match the input requirements of the next, and never have to deal with a hard backup of anything other than the computers. THAT is the way the game works best, IMHO, and it creates an almost flat line for power usage.
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