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Now the game has at least 3 different machines for automatic ore mining. First, second and third level. The same situation with conveyors. But why are there no multi-level crafting mechanisms?

For example, Constructor can craft a huge amount of resources. From the most basic like iron plates, to high-level steel pipes and Quickwire.

I propose halving the list of crafting base Constructor. And add "improved constructor" or "constructor level 2". This new constructor will be necessary for the production of already new items, and he will produce old items faster than the base. And he will require much more energy for work.

I suggest doing the same with Assembler and Manufacturer.

In the future, it will be possible to add mechanisms of the third, fourth level. Infinity is not the limit.
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Manufacturer, Assembler, Constructor, Smelter and Foundry are already planned to have an Mk2 version (you can check the wiki, pages are already there to further development)
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In this case, my proposal is meaningless
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Hope they made 'em fast switchable like we do with belts
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Can the MK-1 miner be quickly replaced with the MK-2? It will be the same with these mechanisms.
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I'm afraid so but let me dream
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