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Hey guys! The idea is to make short range item transportation options for distances that are too small to justify a vehicle, but still looks kind of ugly when above ground. Imagine those listening tubes at some parks, you talk into one end and it pops out at the other end, just as belts and they would be quite limited in range, so as not to remove the need for vehicles. They could also feature much lower computation demand by just adding the items to an "inventory" and setting a delay for when they would come out, based on belt tier and distance
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As mechanic from Factorio underground belts is bad idea for Satisfactory.
But some kind of 'underground' belts which will pass through cliffs/mountains (like tunnels in Surviving Mars) would be nice.
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I'm missing the bad part, I did this with my sky base, why can't ground bases make use of a 'tunnel' to cleanly move things?

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You're not supposed to be underneath the terrain. Don't do that.
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Imagine a lift head sticking out of the ground that you attach to, and a few dozen meters away, another lift head letting out the mats. Makes thinks a lot cleaner
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