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I am thinking maybe allow the player to build a fusion reactor that accepts nuclear fuel, or nuclear waste, or maybe even both?

This reactor will create no physical byproduct, as with a real-life fusion reactor which mostly produces helium as a byproduct?

What do you think? Should fusion reactor be added? what fuel should it accept? Should it create no byproduct? How much energy should it produce?
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+1 This can be a great evolution in a future tier.
At the moment I'm experimenting in using the bottomless crater at the grass fields.  Jumping on it just throwing here a "cube" filled with waste.
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I believe that a byproduct should be anyway
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You could use the space elevator to sell and ship your waste to Russia.  I hear Putin is in the market for a bit of chang.

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A little late, but you're not quite 100% on the nuclear reactor. 

IRL, there are 2 kinds of fission reactors: slow / moderated neutron reactors, which take uranium, plutonium, or thorium, and moderate their activity with a neutron absorbing material (this could be the heat transferring fluid itself, like heavy water, or could be a liner that surrounds the rods, like graphite). It's referred to as a 'slow neutron' because the neutrons released are moving (comparatively) slow, and may not cause fission in some isotopes, especially U238 and Pu240, which will be part of the waste from these reactors. 

The other one is much rarer, called a fast / unmoderated neutron reactor, which is composed of 2 parts: 

  1.  A core of highly radioactive material, which produce fast (high energy) neutrons at a reliable rate. Typical cores are highly enriched U235 and Pu239
  2. An outer 'sheath' of less radioactive material, which can be leftover's from slow neutron reactors, or non-fissionable radioactive isotopes, like U238 and co.

A helpful hint I learned was if the radioactive isotope has an even number of protons/neutrons, it can absorb slow neutrons without breaking apart, but usually won't withstand fast neutrons. 

So, what does this mean? Well, those waste products from slow nuclear reactors can be used as a surrounding layer in the fast nuclear reactors, which will force fission them, releasing more energy and further breaking the waste products down into smaller, and less long lived isotopes. Typically, the 'sheath' is considered spent when the average half-lives of the materials in it are less than 100 years, instead of the tens or hundreds of thousands of years that slow reactor waste has. 

In satisfactory, there could be a second type of reactor (maybe hard drive unlocked?) which will have 2 inputs and no output. It will take nuclear fuel rods and waste, and use them both to generate power (3000-3500 MW maybe?) without producing more waste, to reflect this reactors ability to reduce long lived nuclear waste IRL. As justification, this could be like compact coal, or turbofuel, which also have much more energy in game per unit. I might make a more in depth suggestion if you want, there is some pretty cool stuff you can do with radio-isotopes! 

Good luck, and stay productive, 

Lord Jamessmiley

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