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So, i was looking foward to play with the new trains. After a lot of time my route was done. I was testing it with one train, no problem.

However, there is a slope on the way that the train AI cannot climb. https://prnt.sc/orx8w0
This Train is not moving, it has not enough power. The next Train Stop is here: https://prnt.sc/orx9j3 The Player Icon is the end of the ramp and the slope. The Train icon the max. high the train can climb before going to zero speed. The Train is actualy not going full speed up the ramp, because it "brakes" for the train stop already. The Station is a good 100 meter or even more away from the end of the ramp/slope. 

Just why?
Why is the train loosing power if more parts are added. Make it consume more 
electricity but not that. 
Why is the train starting to break with the next train station beeing far away?

Im very anoyed by that and not realy in the mood to rebuild everything. My only idea would be to relokate the Station, but this would be very ugly and ineffective. 


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You can use multiple choochoos to get more power and climb that.

If you relocate the train station you might have to use a lot of conveyor to get items back to the current location. I'd rather put the train station at the bottom of that rock and use vertical conveyors instead of making the train climb that.
Also, your train can defintly go there if you reverse the direction. Since you didn't chose that solution I guess you're using a come and go track instead of a loop... Rebuilding doesn't seem too troublesome for an end station.

I can't really call that massive slope beautiful though...
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Also some notes for you.. you used about 3x to 4x as many foundation pieces as necessary to get your tracks laid. You only need 1-2 at each spot to keep building the angled ramps upwards. You don't have to support the ramps as you go. And you can remove all of those foundations once you put the tracks in to walk around beneath them so you don't have a huge wall of foundations blocking the area.

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Adding another cho ch... train did the trick thank you.
But i dont realy like this solution. It looks a bit goofy.

Now i need to make this train stop in the right order, it seems to has a mind of his own.

Once this is done i can try to make it look a bit better.
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That's how physics and engines work in real life. Each has a maximum torque. It rules how much weight an engine can push and how much inclined can be the slope, it also is directly related to the acceleration. Your convoy is very heavy, meaning it needs more engines to climb and to accelerate faster. Instead of a big convoy, you can try to split that in two, each with its own chocho. If you want Coffe Stain to increase the engine torque it's another history... and maybe it can be moded.
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Add the extra locomotives at the end of the train but leave one at the front of the train. Works well for me and i don't have to use empty platforms. The added locomotives will stop on the tracks and not even enter the trainstation while loading / unloading.
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Jump in the front locomotive for the autopilot to kick in, then avoid entering the other ones (it could distrub the autopilot). I don't gett any weird behavior from my trains when I do so.
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