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I just want to know witch way is better for my factory.

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Really depends on the items. Most ore is 1:1 after smelting. Some, such as Caterium, is 3:1. Ideally, you would want to transport the fewest pieces/stacks)
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Can't really answer that without seeing your factory first.

If you use the train, it's usually for travelling over very long distances. So if you build installation requiring frequent modification on both end you'll have to travel by train frequently. If you want to spare yourself some comutes, it might be preferable to :

1) ship fully finished items to a special plants where you won't be going often (ex : control rods and encased steel beams to a far away nuclear factory + plant)

2) ship the most basic ores to your main factory (delivering iron, copper, quartz, etc) to keep the maximal flexibility of production at your main factory

But maybe your main factory is already huge and packed, you'd have more space around your distant stations.
And maybe you want to be able to shut down every distant machinery by disconnecting the train station, savingpower for your main production site just by removing a cable instead of travelling everywhere.
Or maybe you just follow a roleplay story and you deliver ores and ingots because of historical reasons.

What's best depend of you.
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Why the down vote - perfectly good question and if it was downvoted for spelling - chill out and give people a bit of a break eh?

I always get a bit of every ore from somewhere into my main area as a lot of alt recipes call for ore + something else.  Some ore like Raw Quartz for example is useful as both Silica and Quartz and you will need both those at your main factory.

My approach is to have a few zones around the main area that go through different levels of processing but the main thing is that you do it in a way you like.  Whatever you choose, I guarantee you'll want to change it at some point.
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