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there ist now a creepy bug. 

i want play a new game, and after the landing, i have saved the game, und closed, because I had to adjust my tone correctly. 

after restarting the game and loading the game, the start sequence started again instead of loading my figure. 

after that there were suddenly two capsules and I could do nothing with F. 

I would like to enclose a proof photo, but it does not seem to work. 

Game version: latest from the normal, not the experimental game

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Happens if you load a game that was saved at the very start (i.e before the old one has been dismantled).

Had this when I tried timing myself how quickly I could get to coal power. Speed running. My start position was as the probe lands. When I loaded to try again I had 2 pods.
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It sounds like you weren't online on the internet the second time you started the game. Satisfactory requires you to be online and have internet connectivity every time you start the game. Remember to be on the internet before starting Satisfactory. If you aren't online then when you start it will create a "Clone" of you near by with nothing in it and sometimes you won't be able to access any of your stuff. Just alt-F4 to quit the game to desktop, make sure your internet connection is working correctly then try and start the game again.
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I have a permanent internet connection. I can see that because I have the internet open while playing and have activated an auto reload. if the internet connection were gone, the browser would not work either.

So that's certainly not the fault.
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