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hey guys.

i'v played an offline session and saved the game whilst i was in the truck.

when i came back and loaded the game, my character  was spawned in the area nearby, now i cannot enter the truck and also cannot destroy the truck , also i can push the truck very easily . so i'm guessing my inventory is lost ? i tired different methods to recover my inventory but nothing seems to be working , also i don't like to load the auto-save and look for the dummy .

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Remember to make sure you're online on the internet -EVERY TIME- before you start the game to avoid this. Satisfactory is an online game and must be online to play it correctly. If you aren't online then the game won't let you resume your character. It will spawn a clone of you near by and all your stuff will be gone and sometimes you won't be able to access anything you built either. This isn't a bug, it's how the game is coded/designed.
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