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My game time is maybe 4 hours and I wanted to give a quick summary of thoughts.


1. To-Do list shouldn't dim the icon of the item. Sometimes I was asking myself what is wire and a grey'ed out image doesn't help. Instead a white bar/gold bar for completion is best. Don't dim the item image.

2. Chainsaw needs more visual feedback. Slicing in air does not make a chainsaw.

3. When building sometimes having a huge building in your eyes is crazy weird. Let me zoom out, say with mouse wheel, so I can get a larger map view and place the item. Eg. space elevator... can you even comprehend what it is when placing? I couldn't.

4. When initially landing explain a bit more about base/enemies? I bought this game to base build but thought there was no hostiles in the game. Apparently there is. A quick ... "build be efficient but watch out for animals!" to the voice would be super helpful. I find a lack of 'end goal purpose' also desirable. Tell me we are trying to expand and ship resources back to space station to be profitable. Why am I even on this planet... give me a sentence of why I should build the biggest most efficient base.

5. Quicker Item Tooltips. I struggle giving items names (Eg. the spaghetti box item is flower petals) Most games give instant tooltips and i think the delay is not awesome. Don't know how to 'educate' the player better on items but i'm finding the slow tooltips annoying.

6. Resource nodes. I had to search the wiki to see why I couldn't place the miner. Turns out a dumb rock was in the way (middle pure node). Maybe educate the player like in my situation that mining a pure node should be the first step before getting a portable miner. I honestly went and just mined iron and didn't know about the pure node and qualities until I left the game and read a wiki.

Positive thoughts

Experience: Played Factorio, Minecraft and love base building.

Building could be 200% slower? I love watching the animations and think they are too quick. Maybe add building drones so you can watch them assemble a structure?

Placing the space elevator... epic visuals. I was in awe and thought what the hell is this?!

Wish there was a bit more 'elemental' weather effects. When I got fog that was so cool. Wish there was more visual weather effects.

After 4 hours, love it.
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Honest opinion, 4 hours into this game is not enough to have this many complaints.
1. The reason something is grayed out is because you haven't learned it yet, explore the map to find new ores to build more.
2. Its a factory building game not a chainsaw game.
3. This is a first person game that is the way it is, you also get access to things like a lookout tower, and a jet pack later in the game to help you with aerial views
4.The game is in early access and thus does not even have a story line in it so there may be more in depth tutorial for the people that have never played a game like this but this game drops you on a unknown planet to gather and build up a factory, who is going to tell you about the wildlife if its an unknown unexplored planet?
5. slow down, learn the items.
6. explore the map a bit to learn which items around the map are destroy-able and which are not, if something is in red and you try to build it there is a message the pops up to tell you why you cant build.

Trust me when your building and moving 20k+ items around the map you will not want a -200% build speed.

explore and have fun :)

this isn't meant to be negative I just thing you haven't played much of the game and need to explore more of it.
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