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I keep getting killed by wildlife. Can't get enough materials to make another weapon as they chill around ore deposit.  Would be better to have a more chill start first.
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не согласен.  Местную Фауну легко победить. У них простая тактика атаки
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I'm with you on this one. I died shortly after starting due to poisonous gas and lost my zapper. It got me into a loop of dying while trying to recover my stuff. Had to restart a new game (and undergo the unskippable intro sequence again).
Had a similar problem in my second game. Dying early in this game is problematic.
(please no "git gud" comments, this is a game design issue)
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I'm not going to say "git gud". But I will say "dun suk". Honestly though. I never once even came close to dying in the early game. Maybe if you go to a specific one of the close by iron mines then there's a significant difference in the fauna/flora you find? I went to one of the two closest, but there was one a bit further away that looked like it was deep in a forest. That one might have actually been dangerous, maybe that's why this has been an issue for some people.
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This is not a game design issue, its your play style issue. Use the weapon they give you to kill the animals, do not go in gas, and don't worry about starting the game again because it IS skippable.

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Just hit them with the zapper 3 times. Anyway, it should be that wildlife doesn't spawn until tutorial makes you equip the zapper.
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I died after equipping the zapper. Those things are hard to hit at first.  And I couldn't make another one, and now I have two enemies in my base that just wait for me to respawn indefinitely.
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did you venture out before placing your base
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