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I keep getting killed by wildlife. Can't get enough materials to make another weapon as they chill around ore deposit.  Would be better to have a more chill start first.
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не согласен.  Местную Фауну легко победить. У них простая тактика атаки
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I'm with you on this one. I died shortly after starting due to poisonous gas and lost my zapper. It got me into a loop of dying while trying to recover my stuff. Had to restart a new game (and undergo the unskippable intro sequence again).
Had a similar problem in my second game. Dying early in this game is problematic.
(please no "git gud" comments, this is a game design issue)
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I'm not going to say "git gud". But I will say "dun suk". Honestly though. I never once even came close to dying in the early game. Maybe if you go to a specific one of the close by iron mines then there's a significant difference in the fauna/flora you find? I went to one of the two closest, but there was one a bit further away that looked like it was deep in a forest. That one might have actually been dangerous, maybe that's why this has been an issue for some people.

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Just hit them with the zapper 3 times. Anyway, it should be that wildlife doesn't spawn until tutorial makes you equip the zapper.
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I died after equipping the zapper. Those things are hard to hit at first.  And I couldn't make another one, and now I have two enemies in my base that just wait for me to respawn indefinitely.
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did you venture out before placing your base
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