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Saying "Any undefined" implies a lack of definition, not a lack of a filter. I think it would make more sense that the terminology "Any unfiltered" or just "Unfiltered" be used instead. Just my humble opinion as a native English nerd heart

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Agree. Makes perfect sense to me. Genuinely curious about the downvotes.
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"Any other", "All other" or simply "The rest" would also do the job better.

Also the selection box could open right after clicking on the "+" button instead of requiring us to find the newly added item at the end of the list and clicking on it. One extra unnecessary click on every smart/programmable splitter but significantly worse when it comes up to trains with long timetable.
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Or "Everything" and "Everything else" instead if "Any" and "Any undefined" alternatively "All" and "All else" or "All other" or just "Others".
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