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Hard to see in the image, had to take it with my phone because windows alt+prtscr kept capturing the build menu, not what was on the screen. The values in the "select milestone" were 35/0 mod frames, 22/41 motors, 750/1500 wire, 145/300 cable. It needs 75 frames, 75 motors, 1000 wire, and 400 cable
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I've been able to unlock all the milestones in the game, so it should match and work correctly. Can you get a better screenshot?

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The vaules in the select screen, is what you have on you (first number), then what you need (2nd number).
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I understand that, The selection at the hub terminal said it needed zero mod frames, when it needed 75, etc, etc
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There's no bug here.
You already put 75 mod frames in the hub for that milestone. That info is displayed in the top right corner of the screen.
That milestone requires 0 additional frames so the hub interface displays "frames you are carrying" / 0
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Aight, that makes sense. ty
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