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is this game gonna do patch updates like other games do like

tell about idear's or concepet art

changes to the game

bugs that was reported and fixed

client or server inprovemts

ect ect blah blah you get the point

but idears that ive got as well that can go well with the game or with patch notes are

1. nuclear meltdown with alarms and radiation explosions ect.

2. waves of alien or like colony or some crap like that

3. pollution that kills plants or crops or your eye site

4. turrets >:3 because why not

5. mine-shafts or something

6.  being able to send screenshots with the game to devs to fix {<or something}

that's all i got for now but i don't thing this will be looked into but if it does feel free to have your say down below Kyrasq out >:3

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1, 2, 3, 4, Not going to happen

Devs stated this multipille times ! No enemy attacking or any base defense ! If you looking for that go play Sanctum ! <--- Devs response

Also they stated there won't be any pollution effects either.
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