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when i loaded up my save i noticed that all of my conveyor belts where frozen.

i had to dismantle them and place them back down to fix them.

Why did this happen?
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As in they didn't have a moving animation or the materials weren't moving?

If the latter then give way more info. If the former then don't worry about it, leave them be.
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the materials weren't moving.
there was a constructor producing cable.
it had cable in it but i wasn't coming out

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I can confirm this Bug. I Think this happened sometimes after some Game updates. I think the issue is, that the Belt is not Really connected anymore. I tested to fix this Bug, with upgrading the Belt. (This doesnt help). During deconstruct and reconstruction, i noticed that the shape/ length of the Belt was slightly different.  


I had this Bug in some factories, where i know, that they have really worked before.

Because this Game is in Early Access and under development, such thing can happen.
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Heyo Hakon,

I was wondering if you have a save where this issue occurs?  I'm trying to track down the cause of this but don't have a repro case for it. I'll send you a PM with details on where you can send it. That is if you both have one and don't mind sending it.
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What I discovered was that there weren't any best practices. Not yet. ... And a whole lot of others didn't believe things should move at all. Just like young ...

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