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I have a loop connecting the grass fields (hub) with the desert north of the gold coast. I use this as a personal transport system, rather than automating material movement.There are 4 pairs of stations: Hub In/Out, Computers North/South, Caterium North/South, and Desert In/Out. I can manually drive a train around the entire loop (with 1 exception, which I'll put in a separate question).

My problem is this: When I enter a locomotive and bring up the timetable (regardless of where the locomotive is at), only the Hub Out station is visible. Is this expected behavior? I would have expected to see all the stations. What can I do about this?

Thanks in advance.
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Something isn't connected right, or you don't have something connected at all in train logic. Just because you can drive the train through doesn't mean AI can.

Be sure to look at your loops and connection and make sure it makes sense.
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Thanks for the answer, but I don't have any idea about what to examine. If all track is connected to the stations & freight platforms, what do I look for to find errors? This is just a single large loop.
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FIgured it out from an answer to another query - it's not obvious that clicking on a station name brings up a chooser menu :( . There are a significant number of differences between manually driven and automated trains.

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Problem solved. Thanks for the replies.
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