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I've had to deconstruct MK3 miners a few times and each time the turbo motors don't go back in my inventory nor in a box on the ground.
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havge you tried uploading your save to  https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/interactive-map#3;5717;84616|gameLayer|

It will show you all containers and crates dropped.
it will make sure that you havent simply missed a crate somewhere stuck under something :)

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Same thing has happened to me two seperate times. Did some testing with an old save. It seems that it checks that you have inventory space for steel pipes, computers, and for 3 portable miners. It doesn't do this check for Heavy Modular Frames or Turbo Motors, so if you delete a miner with not enough space for one of those items it will just delete them and not spawn a crate.
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