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To complete a milestone, I had to bring back 100 Uranium ore to the HUB. I prepared with a suit and a gazillion iodine filters, harvested the amount to my backpack and jumped in my Explorer and put the pedal to the metal, hoping I would make it home before turning into a green zombie or something else less living... :)

To my surprise I did not get any radiation damage at all, nor was any filters used while in the vehicle, even though the radiation warning was beeping like crazy.

Is this how it's supposed to work? I was prepared that my filters would be consumed while driving. And I was also expecting that when I got out of the vehicle, the amount of filters would have decreased. But none of this happened.

On a side note, but perhaps a little bit related, I've also noticed that having the gas mask equipped while driving a vehicle, doesn't protect me from poison. So mechanics around equipment WHILE driving might be of interest to look into a little bit?
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The Explorer have protection
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Valid point if I had the ore in the vehicle, but in this example I did not put the ore in the vehicle. It was in my personal backpack.

Also I'm not sure if vehicles offer any protection at all from radiation?

However, I think the mechanics around driving vehicles and wearing protective equipment in general needs to be looked at some time, since the gas mask doesn't work either while driving.
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No it doesnt
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It was a joke. Smile in the end of my comment not visible because font on this site doesn't support emoji.
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I couldn't see your smile because your face melted off whilst carrying 15 tons of Uranium in a sand buggy

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I noticed this too and I can only assume this is probably by design right now and probably not a bug.
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Yep, was my guess too.
However, I think the mechanics around vehicles and wearing protective equipment needs to be looked over at some point, since gas mask doesn't work either while driving.
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