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Bug: overclocking Constructors does not require the power shard.

To replicate: Open Constructor configuration. Insert power shard(s). Increase clockspeed. Remove power shard(s). Close machine configuration. Observe products being crafted at high speed.
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This should be only a visual issue. The items and the output should reduce speed even though it visually appears to still be overclocked. Wait until the next item is produced and the actual items/minute number above should reduce it's self automatically, even though the display still visually shows the overclock.
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That's what I thought too, but I'm watching the machine now, and it's not just visual. Items leave one machine at double the expected rate, and the next machine quickly fills with extra parts.
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It happens when you have a buddy in Multiplayer remove the clocks, then the Host's overclocked machines stay overclocked without them in the machines.

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Definitely not just visual as some suggest. This is a major bug.

1. Setup any machine which can be overclocked

2. Put in 3 power shards and overclock it to the maximum

3. Wait for the clockspeed to update (machine must be running)

4. Take out the power shards one by one

The clockspeed won't be going down to the base speed anymore and instead stay at max speed. This means you can infinitely overclock your machines to maximum speed with only 3 power shards in total. Persists through reloading the world.

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