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My game is broken since the last update here in late July. Played for over 200 houers whit no issue but now it looks realy ugly and runs at 4-8 fps. Game looks like Quake 1!, CPU usage is around 20 % and GPU at 20%. Nothing hapens when changing the ingame graphics settings, its all the same no matter what i do.

Tryed to reinstall both the game and the graphicsdrivers, no luck. Nvidia control panel looks unchanged aswell. No new hardware installed. Have no ossues whit other games like DIablo III and so on.

Any tips?
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Make the game a higher priority for nVidia?
Anything else using the GPU?
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Which video card do you have?
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MSI GTX 970. Little slow in general for the game but had a solid 60-40 fps for around 200 houers. Last update broke the game for me. Switching to experimental gains me a few frames but colors are still very dull and grafics is below the low settings.

I have Windows (7) set to use max power, all is set manualy to use the 970 in Nvidia controlpanel and so on. Temp. Is good at 60c  And Is controlled via MSI afterburner on screen display along whit fps.

I miss my game :(
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Could you provide a screenshot of what you're referring to? It might be the recent LOD change. Imgur is a good free screenshot site. If you use imgur, spawn it in new tabs until you get to the image with .jpg in it then link that here.
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