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Hello all. After the last post, I did test the things mentioned but, it did not work out. I came up with more ideas since then, and hope that maybe that will be a better alternative. Recap first..

I tried suggesting a Cargo Elevator that goes up or down foundations, and has 2 input/output lanes. My goal with that was to create an easier to use method of getting resources up or down. It would have a greater range than chained Conveyor Lifts

When people were saying no, I tried suggesting a "Street Car".. a small train with more agility and better brakes. One of the downfalls of using a Train even for medium distances, is it takes so long to come to a stop, in to a station

My reason for so many attempts is based on what has been said in the forums, and in the Discord. I am aware that if you use too many conveyor belts, it can lag up the place. Problem is there isnt enough tools to avoid heavy conveyor belt use in some situations. Plus the AI for trucks is super derpy

I want to try one last attempt.. I was thinking of a Cargo Catapult, or a tube equivalent. U Jelly landing pad is already in the game. Why not create a version opposite of it for launching cargo, or dropping it down a cliff?

I think this idea will do better because it won't require as much of a setup, and it helps to avoid the reliance on conveyor belts

My other idea would require more of a setup and have a shorter range. I was thinking of a small cargo tube. It would only be 12 inventory slots big but, it can be launched at a great speed, through an Iron Pipe. I was thinking 50-55 KMH. That would make it slightly faster than a Mark 5 conveyor belt

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I'd rather have a more powerful jump pad and launch myself very far away. That would avoid adding gravity to items, plus I have many inventory slots.

Catapults / canons would probably be cool.... but only in coop... in open spaces to avoid disabling colisions (and items flying out of map). I've got the feeling that niche is too small and won't bring much more game content / depth.

Autamoted factories need some constraints to be fun, and some sort of long distance jump / teleportation would probable take the challenge away from looking for the best conveyor system.
I could imagine that for sending a few items items to another player and allow manual crafts. For example, being able to build a secondary hub in coop in milestone 5~6 and using the hub-pod for that purpose (with a timer disabling the pod use during transfer).
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I wasn't thinking of collision. That is ture

I agree factories need some constraints but, there are resources that are too far apart for conveyor belts to be effective

Knowing that the Catapults would be a bad idea for that, then I guess I will try for the Tube idea. I have no idea what it is called but, Banks have those tubes for transfering money or items. That was what I was thinking

If that was used for medium distances instead of trains, I think it would be quicker. I think Trains should be used for long range only, where their speed can be put to full use

An example of what I am talking about.. There is that pure Bauxite node up on the rock ledge near the 3 pure Oil on the left side of the map. Using the train to bring that Bauxite to the normal Copper node.. the train doesn't get full speed, and takes too long to stop

Using Conveyor belts would not be a good idea as it is too long for them

This hub idea seems similar to what someone else tried. I remember before I posted all of my ideas, someone was asking for a Cargo Lift Helicopter that works like the train.. It only goes from one Helipad to the other. It got down voted hard, and no one liked the idea. I have been avoiding trying anything with that for that reason and one of my earlier posts

I tried asking for a VTOL specifically for transporting players around but, just like the Cargo Helicopter.. it got crapped on
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