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I've struck a zone on one of my factory floors where, if I try to build something, it's hologram sits not on the ground (Foundation block), but rather, in the air above it. The distance it hovers is about the height of a 8x4 foundation block. If I build another foundation block on top of the existing level, or even destroy my existing top layer(s) of foundations, the construction I want to build still hovers about 4m above whatever the currant floor level is.

I have a feeling that maybe the terrain might've changed with an update and that's somehow screwed up my floor parameters. Not too far from where this problem is happening, there's a Bacon Andgarlic mushroom hovering in mid-air, about 20-30m above the ground.

It's possible that I have foundation blocks burried beneath the currant ground level that I can't see. I'd like to be able to delete all my foundations in the effected zone as an attempt to 'reset' the problem, but obviously, if I can't see a foundation, I can't delete it. Does anyone know of a way you can see through terrain to check for foundations and delete them?
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This has been reported many times previously and has been fixed in the recent experimental branch patch.

Please search before raising a new post.
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i have the same problem, it is not in the swamp, so not fixed :)
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Same. My problem has nothing to do with the swamp, so how was I supposed to search for it?
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Having the same problem in the Southern Plains biome, on platforms I have already built on, which are high in the air.

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I quote : "Yes, this is fixed in the latest patch on experimental, going live to ea next week."

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