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This particular location seems to have been recently changed, and a new drop-pod was added. Perhaps as a result of mesh changes, the area, which is at a rocky clifftop near the highest point of the southern part of the mid-map highlands, overlooking the giant pit north of the grass fields, acts rather strange when you attempt to build structures on it. Said structures will display their build location several metres in the air, as if the mesh being targeted by the build tool was higher than the actual terrain surface. The player walks on the regular ground normally however
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What in-game bug reporting tool?
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Press Esc and there is an option to report a bug.
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Thanks, but there is no rule against also reporting these issues here.
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the problem is that there is no coordinates mentioned, so it's not the best kind of bug report.
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> Press Esc and there is an option to report a bug.
Ahh... The Feedback tool is actually a bug report tool.  Interesting, given that staff members always seem to send us to this site.  I would love for a staff member to log into the wiki and create a short, clean article on how they would like us to report bugs and supply feedback.

In fact a quick cut/paste template for this forum wouldn't hurt.
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