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since today (after latest patching on experimental) i experiencing some higher power consumption of my standby factory. It was around 2k now it is between 5k and 6k. seems some building consuming power now even if they don't work - is this is by intention?
You can also see it, immediately if you click on a building which is not production since output is full etc. the power consumption is 0 in the first half second when you click on the building (i think that is the state before the patch) and then it updates the counters and power goes up as it would fully work
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well after 10-20 minutes it goes down to normal level again - strange...  and nothing was produced - some ghost is stealing my power ^^
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I got the same problem. The moment i start the game the power grid goes down. And as you said for me it doesn't resume as normal after 10 minutes. Anyway more people reported this on the Discord. But some people seem to say it our own problem because our power grid isn't big enough, although i have played for 400 hours without these problems. And i can start the normal version just fine. I hope the don't gonna extend this power grid behavior to the main game, it would f_ it up in a big way for me.

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The splitters and possible mergers, has a small buffer internal now. So that eats a certain amount of items, which I guessed, started up a bunch of machines.
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