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When starting a new game there is a fairly long sequence where you get an introduction video and the drop towards the planet starts.

Would you consider making this introduction skippable or at least pausable?
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I'll go you one better.
If you're starting your 73rd playthrough of this game, you'd want to skip the entire landing animation and also the tutorial, and go straight to tier1 with nothing but HUB Parts and a Xeno Zapper to your name.
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One thing I noticed during that time is that my mouse sensitivity was way too high, but I couldn't get to the menu during the intro movie.  Could we allow people to start changing settings during the intro?
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The lack of interaction in the intro is slightly disconcerting. I think a pause would help.
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I too wished for pause, especially when I started filing bugs immediately and ended up missing most of it.

At least it's not skippable so I have to try again next time! :)
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Completely skippable intro/turorial would be prefered imo.

Remove iron prerequisite, and unlock copper and limestone scan from the start, bringing you into the world with zapper equipped and otherwise full access to your tools. JUMPING ENABLED!

While you would still have to go through all the steps of upgrading your hub, this process should be involve less tutorial babble and pausing, making it much more streamlined.

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it's now skippable in the menu (hit escape when the loop starts, and there is an option in the bottom left)
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