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The game has been running great with no problems on a save of 18 ish hours. Got on today and I'm now getting strange Texture flickering (mostly triangles) and really only occurs with lights. Its especially noticeable when looking at an active assembler's sparks. This results in beams of light going off into the distance. Its also very noticeable when standing in the HUB with the flashlight on. This one resulting in what looks like triangular shards flickering.

I've tried reinstalling the game, changing from 2k to 1080p resolution, restarting computer, and some video setting reconfiguration with no results. Any ideas?


Beams flashing from sparks (happens rapidly in-game)

Triangular flickering (also happens very rapidly in-game)

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Looks to me like GPU issue or drivers
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Just checked to see if my GPU drivers were up to date and there are no updates available. I have a GTX 1070. Where could I look to see if there is a GPU issue happening?
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Simple, the triangles and flashing.
Your drivers might be up to date, but they could get corrupted, damaged some how.
I had seen similar issues in service where I use to work
Also my self had issue with drivers one time, where my PC did not boot up, only in worked in safe mode.
After reinstalling GPU drivers all worked just fine.
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Only other circumstance I've seen similar artifacts is when a gpu had run out of ram or was in the process of dieing. On a gtx 1070 I wouldn't expect it to be out of ram, so my first suggestion is to uninstall and reinstall the nvidia drivers and if that doesn't resolve it, stress-test your gpu and hope for the best.
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I reinstalled drivers and it was still occurring. I dont believe my graphics card is dieing because all other games run perfectly fine right now. No artifacts and not flickering. I would assume it's because the game is early access but no one else seems to be having this problem so I'm pretty confused.
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